About the Author

I am a junior at Rutgers University. I am majoring in English because I am a total bookworm and writing isn’t so bad either. Everyone told me expos was going to be the most grueling class ever but I actually enjoyed it. Fiction is my favorite genre of books because it gives authors so much freedom to do as they please and it’s fun to read things no one’s ever written about before.

Books I can’t put down: Lord of the Flies, the Harry Potter series, The Kite Runner, Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby.
Books I will never [voluntarily] pick up again: To Kill a Mockingbird. Catcher in the Rye. Heart of Darkness. 12 Angry Men. Twilight (ugh!)
Books I’ve been meaning to read: Jane Eyre, Portrait of Dorian Gray, DaVinci Code, Of Mice and Men, Grapes of Wrath … basically all those classics that everyone seems to have read and refers to and I just smile and nod whenever it comes up in a conversation because I don’t want to seem uncultured when I’m supposed to be an English major.

Aside from school, I am an easy-going individual who believes in karma, serendipity and chocolate. My hobbies include sleeping and shopping, which I sadly do not get to do as much as I’d like but alas that is what happens when school interferes with life.

After school, I would like to become a high school English teacher. ¬†Hopefully I can influence the minds of our future generations in some way- whether it’s converting those who hate to read or inspiring another individual to major in English or believing in that student that everyone else sees as dumb and lazy when he actually does have potential but just goofs off because that’s what everyone expects from him and it’s all tied to the dysfunctional family that he has that does not think he will amount to anything and will follow in his father’s footsteps of an abusive husband who is either drinking or sleeping or yelling about something. [John Bender, anyone?] Or maybe not something that dramatic. Any change I can make in the world is a victory in my eyes.

I will end this section with just a few more details about me and then a heart-warming clip of adorable animals.

Favorite color: pink
Favorite movies: The Breakfast Club (if you couldn’t already figure out from my John Bender reference above), Jumanji, The Departed, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, any Disney movie.
Favorite foods: bacon&chocolate (not together of course, but then again I’ve never tried; it could be delicious, who knows?)
Life’s ambition: to travel the world.
Things I like: bunnies, puppies, perfectly-weathered days, water, beach, puzzles.
Things I don’t like: bad drivers, bad hygiene, Twilight, humidity, child leashes [although they are amusing], cough syrup.

How fricking adorable, right?!


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