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Gertrude Stein

Wtf Gertrude Stein? What is this nonsense? Someone please enlighten me as to how this ever got published. BUT, I cannot not admit that this is genius.

Nevertheless, I did not understand any of this. Maybe I’m just not thinking on the same brain waves as her and therefore it just went way over my head but I don’t think anyone thinks on the same brain waves as she does. To me, this just seemed like a bunch of sentences a bunch of people said about an object and Stein decided to put them together into stories or poems or whatever these are.

Rimbaud says you needed to “derange your senses” in order to attain true poetry. Stein definitely had no problem doing that. A lot of her pieces seem as if she was writing about the title subjects as if she wasn’t, making it that much harder for a “normal” person to understand. Stein was also a friend of Picasso’s. What Picasso did with paint and canvas, Stein did with pen and paper. Everything is so abstract that you need to stare at it for a while before something (even if it’s just one thing) starts to make sense. It’s hard for me to follow her train of though because she digresses and I can’t see how she gets from one thing to another, but I guess that’s what makes it as great as it is.

Even though I could not understand anything, I think Stein is brilliant for writing in the way that she did.



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The end of Crusoe … finally.

After 241 pages of grueling miniscule text, the book of Robinson Crusoe is finished. There were parts of the book that I did enjoy but more that I didn’t. I did not like the constant counting- it’s impressive that the older narrator Crusoe can remember all these numbers but it was annoying to always read about the amount of something or the direction of something- I would not have wondered about these numbers if they weren’t there. The whole religion thing was just so annoying- he only turned to God because he had no one else to talk to and because of that crazy dream he had when he was sick. When he doesn’t know what to do, he opens the Bible and follows the advice of the first line he reads and coincidentally, every line he reads seems to pertain to him and he feels the Bible was written for him or something. News flash Mr. Crusoe : it wasn’t.

But I’ve said all this in my previous posts of Crusoe. So let me talk about the ending. It was terrible. It was so unsatisfying and it was just bewildering that he would still have all those crazy things happen to him even when he left the island. (Which reminds me, he was supposed to wait on the island for the Spaniards and then leave the island altogether but because he’s Crusoe, he leaves without them, but don’t worry, he leaves them a note, making it ok). I mean, what are the odds that all this can happen to one man? I think he’s just bad luck (like the first Captain said) and bad things are just attracted to him. Then after this terrible trek through the mountains he finally gets to England where he gets married, has kids and becomes a widower- all in one sentence! Oh, and then he leaves his kids to go BACK to the island! and what does he do to the inhabitants there? He brings them supplies. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just give them a ride home on his ship like he was supposed to do IN THE FIRST PLACE?! I think Defoe could have done without all the extra stuff at the end and just have Crusoe leave the island and be done with that. And he could have picked up there in the sequel instead of starting the sequel before the sequel.

Crusoe did not change one bit. From beginning to end, he is the same pretentious imperialist jerk who only seeks for his own gain. You would think being stranded on an island for 28 years would teach him something. Overall, this was just an entertaining story that made me understand why Charles Gildon hate this book so much. I agree with everything he says in his review about this book. Friday remains a savage throughout the entire story. You would think his English would progress after however many years but no, it doesn’t. And Friday just leaving the island with Crusoe instead of waiting for his father to come back? That bothered me. I mean, I understand he said he would be Crusoe’s servant but why does he need a servant if Crusoe’s leaving the island?

My summary of Robinson Crusoe in one word: ugh.

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