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Backtracking a bit.

I really should’ve put this up as my first post but as the saying goes, better late than never. So I named this blog “Insane in the membrane” just because we’re all a little messed up in our cerebral cortexes. However I thought four words would be too annoying to type and so I made the name into a puzzle.  Not exactly the biggest brain teaser, but I thought it was clever enough. And of course if any of you are familiar with Cypress Hill, that’s exactly where I stole the phrase from.  And so to pay homage to the song that inspired the name for my blog, I have posted a video for the music video of “Insane in the Brain.”


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The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Was anyone else as lost and confused as I was by this text? I was doing fine up until the narrator started talking about the woman in the wallpaper.  I too at times have found patterns in the paint and tiles of my house but it never struck me to rip them up so that the images in them may escape.  Maybe I read this the wrong way and took everything too literal but I cannot see how this would work as a metaphor.  Unless she herself is the woman who feels trapped during the day because she is under scrutiny by the people around her because of her “nervous condition” and at night she feels she can do what she wants because no one can see her in the dark shadows of the night. So far, this is the only abstract non-literal interpretation I’ve come up with for this dark gothic text.  Everything in this piece was dark and brooding.  The bed nailed to the floor? What is that all about? Can anyone say insane asylum? Or could it actually have been an insane asylum and she just didn’t realize it because of her condition?

As for the characters in this text, the narrator introduces them as she goes and the reader never meets any of these people nor do we know anything about them except for their relation to her.  I know that this was written as a journal or diary and it was meant for her to read over and free her thought but as a third-party viewer, it was hard to follow at times.  As for her “nervous condition,” I think it might have been postpartum depression because she talks about her baby and as far as I can tell, it is a fairly young baby.

She tells us that she went away with her husband for her health so that she may get better.  Her husband surely thought she was improving but I think she was just doing a good job and pretending she was getting better so that everyone would stop fussing over her and she could spend more time on the wallpaper.  She believed the wallpaper was the cause of her improvements but I think it actually made her mental health worse.  She became obsessed with the paper that she spent as much time with it as possible and studied it every second she could that it drove her crazy.  The wallpaper made it harder for her to rest because she was so intrigued by it that she could not help but think and look at it all day.

Again, I don’t know if I read this wrong but this is what I got from it.


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