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Wanted dinner, but got diarrhea instead.

So last night I went out to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner with a bunch of friends.  I had been looking forward to it all day because for a college student, that meant something besides ramen noodles for a meal.  Little did I know that a 3-minute meal you can cook in a cup would have been more satisfying. We had a five-person party and the wait was only five minutes so that wasn’t so bad. The waitress was very nice and courteous. But the none of that matters when the food SUCKS, sucks to the point of making three of us sick. We got five different dishes so it wasn’t even a bad batch or anything. Not one of us enjoyed our dinner; in fact, not one of us took more than 4 bites off each of our plates. We had to race home so we could rid our aching bodies of the crap that they call “food.”  When they named it the “Cheesecake Factory,” they really meant JUST cheesecake because that is all they know how to make.  But we didn’t even get a chance to stay for the dessert because we were so disappointed with the food.  When the check finally arrived, the total was atrocious.  You would think that with such high prices they would have the decency to make better food.

In short, I have learned my lesson. Maybe I’m not supposed to stray away from the “college students’ diet” and never again will I be overlook a cup of instant noodles.


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